“It’s been two weeks and I’ve loved every second!”

Stella joined our team a couple of weeks ago, gaining work experience by giving us a hand with our varied and diverse client projects. It's been a pleasure having her in the studio, and she's here to tell you all about her experience so far...


What it’s like to be an Intern at Design Studio 88:

"My time at the studio has been awesome & here are just a few reasons why: 

Learning & Working

At the Studio, working and learning became fun as I was given the chance to delve into the world of design, expand my knowledge and play around with different styles. With each project, I learned more and felt my love for the industry grow and grow. I wasn’t just left to figure things out on my own - I became part of Lidia’s passionate, talented and creative team. Through each project, she’s been a fabulous tutor, giving me ideas, encouraging me and sharing her personal tips & tricks. 

Creativity & Diversity

I love how diverse the work is here. One day I’d find myself creating a flyer in sparkling colours and the next I’d be researching vintage designs for a poster. Often agencies or studios will concentrate on specific jobs but at Design Studio 88 everything is possible! I quickly learned that there is no limit to creativity as a Graphic Designer. From the moment I sat down on my desk, Lidia helped me put all this creativity into use and think outside the box. She would often say, “Don’t be scared to try out all your ideas”. Whether it was a banner, flyer, poster or vinyl, I was able to explore new ideas and with her feedback and create beautiful things.  

The Work Environment

One of the things I love about working at the studio is the ambiance. The office is beautiful and the people are kind, fun and easy to laugh with. Going to the office in the morning is always exciting as I look forward to new projects, sharing ideas and gaining experience. Time has just flown by and I often find myself with a massive smile on my face, working away, sipping on tea and eating delicious chocolates. 

As I mentioned earlier, being an intern here has been awesome. I’ve worked on all kinds of projects, learned from very talented people and enjoyed every second of it!"