10 Things I Love About Being a Graphic Designer, by Lidia

1. The diversity

What drew me into the career of graphic design was the huge diversity that comes with every project. Graphic design serves as an umbrella for branding, packaging, editorial, typography and website design. Some designers stick to one area, whereas others learn many different skills. I’ve been lucky enough to work in nearly all areas of graphic design, whether it was as an intern or as a freelancer. I like to offer my clients a range of services… If I don’t have the time I always collaborate with other designers who are experts in their field, making sure I always deliver 100% quality.

2. The challenge

With each project comes a new challenge, this is what drives me. When I meet my client for the first time and we talk about the brief, my mind is always working away thinking about what I would do and how. Most clients aren’t sure what it is they need, so it’s my job to make it happen and give them the tools they need to make their business a success.

3. Finding solutions

The difference between art and design, is that design offers a solution to a problem. It’s a visual solution that has yet to be realised. Why doesn’t my brand work? Why am I not attracting my target market? Ultimately this is your goal, you want to have a brand that communicates your values and services in the most effective and honest way possible. The designer's job is to take those values, your company ethos and services and translate it into a brand that does you justice, with the ultimate goal of bringing in the business.

4. The mix of skills

Before I was a graphic designer, I moved to Granada in Spain to study photography for a year. I had an amazing time and photography is a beautiful area to work in, however; I craved more creativity and wanted to learn about printing methods, fonts, colour, composition… This is the most beautiful part of graphic design, the wonderful combination and balance of these disciplines in order to create the perfect visual solution.

5. Working with everyone and anyone

You never know what your next project is going to be. I find this very exciting. Most of my clients come to me from word of mouth or through recommendation - it’s interesting to meet people from all backgrounds, from entrepreneurs, to small business owners, ex marketing managers and friends who dive into the freelance world… I’ve been lucky enough to come across some amazing people, most of whom have become good friends.

6. The collaboration

Before I founded Design Studio 88 a few years ago, I worked in a design agency in Bristol. We were a team of 9 or 10 and most of the projects I worked on were team based. It’s so important to have someone to bounce ideas off, brainstorm and feed off each other. With many laughs along the way, I will never forget those days sitting around the conference table with a pen in one hand and a cup of tea in the other! Even though I run my own company, I still work a lot with other designers. It really helps when I send my ideas off and get feedback from people I trust and admire. Two heads are always better than one.

7. Making a difference

A few months ago I designed the brand and website for Future Homes Estate Agency. We recently had a follow up meeting and it was really interesting to see the difference the new logo and website has made to their business. They are now getting 5 times more direct enquiries to their website, generating leads and collecting valuable client data. The whole business has been transformed, to the point where even the staff feel more inspired at work and give off a more professional and up market vibe.

8. Surprising the client

That moment when you’re at your computer and you’ve just completed a design...you know it’s THE one and you can’t wait to show the client. That moment when they see it and their reply to you is I LOVE IT

9. Seeing the results

When I see how a business’ image has been transformed, it’s very rewarding to see the results and how much of a difference it’s made to the client and their business. I can honestly say that I’ve never completed a project that I’ve not been 100% happy with. When you love your job, you give it your all.

10. An International Language

I guess you could say that any design you create needs to be understood by everyone. Yes, your target market is key to your design process, but you must never forget everyone else who is going to see it or use it - it still needs to be understood in the way it was intended. Colour, form and composition are understood in every language and in every culture, making graphic design one of the most interesting and creative jobs in world.

I hope this gives my clients a small insight into life as a graphic designer and what it's all about. To my fellow designers, what do you love most about graphic design?