Feeling Cool in Copenhagen


By Lidia.

"Copenhagen is a city I've been longing to visit, so when a business meeting popped up in my diary, it seemed like the perfect excuse to say "not to worry, I'll come to you"! The sun may have helped me fall in love with the city, however it's a place I definitely want to go back to. I didn't rent a bike this time but I would highly recommend it as there are cycle lanes on every street and it's by far the easiest way to get around. I stayed the 'trendy' Vestebro neighbourhood, with organic coffee shops and pizza places, where scadinavian desing boutiques mix in with homeless people (amazingly it felt like the mildest red light district ever). As always, Airbnb to rescue - my 3rd floor flat was immaculate, cosy wooden floors and large windows everywhere... It did take me a while to find the toilet, hidden behind the kitchen door in typical Danish fashion, it's probably the smallest toilet I've ever been in!

As with all capital cities, tourists swarm the streets, especially around the famous landmarks. I decided to streer off the beaten path and walk around Vesterbro, where I came across the best smelling shop in the city, Isangs. They make their own beauty products in the store, so as soon as you walk in you're hit with aromas like Ylang Ylang, Cedar Wood and Patchouli. Of course their branding was perfect and I loved the packaging - prompting me to buy too much and go over my baggage allowance.

A 30 minute train ride out of Copenhagen takes you to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. As soon as you walk in you're hit with a panoramic view of the sea, a beautiful garden and modern art sculptures. The walk from the train station to the museum takes around 10 minutes, walking past typical scandinavian homes (they all look perfect inside and out!), we even passed a couple of home-made food stands selling Danish pastries next to a donation box, so cute!

A visit to Copenhagen isn't complete without a boat tour along the canals. We passed some beautiful buildings, gardens and boats. I couldn't believe it when we passed design studios in coverted barns right on the water, what a place to work!

On my last day I decided to venture into the botanical gardens for a picnic, there's a huge lake with a white wooden bridge and water lilies, it looked like something from Mary Poppins. Inside the glass house the plants and rare flowers where mostly untouched and left to grow, it had an unkept feel to it making it even more charming.

Finaly, on my way back to Central Station I stopped off at what had become my favourite restaurant, Neighbourhood. I had the most beautiful looking breakfast platter ever, too nice to eat!

I was lucky enough to have great weather, so I can say I felt quite smug when I sat in the airport departure lounge watching the rain :)"