The Power of Video: How to Promote Your Small Business


Many small businesses forget about the power of video, maybe because they think it’s a big investment, or it’s only accessible to big businesses? I would disagree. With the great quality we now have through our phones, it’s possible to create interesting and good quality videos in a matter or hours. Videos can be entertaining, educational, informative and inspirational, just make sure they reflect what your company stands for and enhance your business objectives.

You can now raise your brand profile with video as people globally watch over 300m hours of video each day on YouTube alone.



Here are few tips on how to make the most of video through the power of social media:

1) Use accurate titles

When uploading content to YouTube, be sure to use accurate titles, relevant keywords and detailed descriptions. Not only will this help viewers know what to expect, it will also help your videos appear in search results.

2) Include calls to action

Encourage your audience to take the next step. This may include asking them to share across their social networks, visit your website, subscribe to a newsletter or write a comment.

3) 1min or less

Your audience could loose interest if your video is over 60 seconds long. Keep it short and sweet and make sure you keep the most important content within the first 10 seconds.

4) Share it

Don’t forget to embed your video content on your website and share the links with your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn and Google+ communities.

5) Don’t forget to hashtag!

Add multiple hashtags as they can improve your visibility on most sites and ensure the content is seen by people following various subjects or conversations. Using hashtags will also enable you track the success of social posts and will form an important tool in your analytics tool-kit, which is important for understanding which social platforms are performing well and resulting in the best audience engagement.

6) Engage in conversations

Remember, to run a successful social media strategy, you need to understand where your audience is most likely to want to engage with your brand and what type of content will be most effective. Engage in conversations and create shareable short-form content that speaks to different audiences in different networks using a tone-of-voice that reflects your brand.

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